Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is my sweet Abigail's 4th Birthday. I had so much planned for her and I to do but a germ bug had other plans. I started feeling bad yesterday so I went to bed early to sleep it off and decided to call in sick today so I could have a day with her. The nasty germ bug had plans of its own...... poor Abby is sick. I got up around 9:00 a.m. and went to her room to wish her a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY like I do every year only to find Mike holding a bucket for her while she puked. She was as pale as a ghost and just looked absolutely miserable. I looked at Mike and he knew just what I was thinking...... present!

Poor Mike had to run to the in the pouring rain to get her gift out of the van. (We hide gifts there because they are like their mama and will search the house till they find them.) He brings it in puts it in a bag and brings it to her. She smiles a little bit, sets up, opens it, and smiles. It's Lots-o Bear. We unwrap it and give it to her but nothing. She doesn't want to cuddle with it at all. "Put it on the top bed," she said. All she's asked for was a Lots-O Bear and now wants nothing to do with it. I told Mike when she feels better she will like it but he thinks she doesn't like it because he's the bad guy on Toy Story 3. Well as luck would have it she now feels better and LOVES her Lots-O Bear. :D

Everything is almost back to the way it was in the Hanson Household. Makala will be home tomorrow night, the house has been bleached, we finally have grocery's after putting of shopping for a week, and the kids rooms are almost completely switched. Now to get my self prepped for my workouts, food menus, and all of us to start school this Fall.

                    Princess Abby!


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