Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ants, plants, & Duggars.

The drought is causing so many problems. My beautiful yard went from being green and beautiful with tons of plants and flowers to dry, brown, and crunchy. The only green in my yard is around the pool where the water splashes out. Its so hot and dry that even my burning bush is literally burning. With all of this the little black ants think they need to come in the house to cool off and get some food and drink. I put out some Torro so hopefully that will kill them off.

We got the cutest plants today at Wal-Mart which is a surprise because they are usually dead, dry, and ugly but I think these look good. I love having fresh flowers and plants in the house. Not only do they look good but they help clean the air. I'm thinking I may need to purchase more. :)
My new beautiful plants

Makala and I got the third and fourth seasons of the Duggars so were having a marathon right now. I love getting to spend some time with her and need to find a time to take her to get a pedicure before school starts. She is Middle School this year which is still hard to believe.
Movie time

Sunday, July 22, 2012

March - July Recap

Well I'm getting a little better at remembering to update this blog. Its only been a three month gap since last time. :)

Lets back up a bit:

March: Luke turned 7 years old in and it doesn't seem possible. He finished the 1st grade and was able to graduate from the Reading Recovery Program and is kicking some butt in his reading this Summer. We are still trying to figure out how he eats with all those missing teeth but some how he does it. :)

Luke's new bike for his 7th birthday.

The toothless wonder.
April, May, & June were busy months with us preparing for school to get out, trying to figure out what to do for the Summer, and watching as many movies as we can. Sadly we have not been able to do much because the weather is just unbelievable. We don't make plans any farther out than 2-3 days because we just don't know what the weather is going to be like. Since we've been stuck at the house a lot because of the heat we decided to buy a pool and its been a great investment for us. The kids have become little fish and have amazing tans. Abby can now swim underwater without holding her nose which if you know her is a huge step. Sammy still does the plug my nose and touch the water with my face then come back up really fast thing. :)

Well this isn't our new big pool but it did get us through till we got our new one.
Well there is only one thing to say about July: BIRTHDAY'S!
Our sweet yet ornery little Abby turned 5 years old on the 7th, and our sweet and very helpful Makala turned 11 years old on the 9th. I can't believe how fast our babies are growing up. They had a great turn out at their birthday party and got lots of goodies. We had to rush it at the end because a huge storm started rolling in and the wind was blowing all the decorations around.

She's growing up so fast.

Our newest little fish.
 With the girls birthday party over is was time for the big kids to get ready for church camp. Makala and Luke spent the week at Dry Gulch USA with the youth group at Church. They had a blast and are ready to go again next year. They went swimming, tubing, horseback riding, hiked, made crafts, bumper boats, go karting, canoeing, and so many other things. They also had daily worship at the Chapel. They both said their favorite thing was the horseback riding and have both asked for lessons.

Getting ready to leave for camp

New Life kids ride in style
Getting ready to go down the slide

Alex & Makala - Found out they were attached at the hip the whole week

Luke riding Monte

Makala on Ben

They rigged it so he could ride by himself

This is gonna happen for real in 4 years when she gets her permit
Whew! I'm tired just thinking about July and all the things we've done. We also went to the lake with my family on the 4th of July and rode jet skis and went out on the pontoon. Kids had a lot of fun and were tired by the end of the day. My mom took Luke that week so he went home with her. Erica wanted to take the girls home to have a sleep over, so it was just Sammy boy and I that night. We spent the evening cuddling on the couch and watching cartoons.
Loving it but hating that she had to wear that life jacket
Pay no attention to the hair
Super tired boy. I may have let him eat on the couch since no one was home. Shhhh.. ;)

Love this picture

Well that about wraps it up for now. Oh, wait!!!!

I can't forget to post a picture of the love of my life. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever!
My hubby = HUBBA! HUBBA!