Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back To School

It's that time of year again. The kiddo's have headed back to school with a few changes happening this year. Makala is off to her Freshman year of school. How on Earth did we end up with a kiddo in High School already. That doesn't even seem possible. Of course she's at that age where anything and everything we do is embarrassing to her so daddy had a little fun with that during pictures. Just think what we could have done picture wise if she would have let us take her to school.  :)
Our baby is all grown up

Really dad? Is this necessary?!

When you refuse to smile daddy will embarrass you more with a kiss. #BestDadEver

 Next up is the other babies. Talk about a crazy morning. They don't even get up till Makala has left and been on the bus for 20 minutes. I forgot how challenging it can be to get two kids up, dressed, feed them breakfast, make their lunches, and all their school stuff ready to go. Now we are adding in the baby this year which makes it more challenging with three kiddos but still doable. What a fun morning we had getting things together and off to school for the first day. Unlike their sister they happily allowed us to take them to school.
Lunch making time

First day of Kindergarten means a fun sandwich.

Sammy boy ready for Kindergarten

Abby's ready for 3rd grade

Off to 4th grade for Luke

Our babies

Yearly tradition. Picture on the school sign.

Daddy telling Sammy how much fun he's going to have.

Time to color.

Sammy & Mama

Babies are HOME!
It was quite an eventful day in the Hanson Household. Our oldest started High School and our baby started Kindergarten. Its so neat to see how are lives are changing from year to year. There is so much change but its good change. Our kiddos are growing up and starting to figure out who they are. We just want to make sure they have full bellies of yummy food to help them along the way.