Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Wow. February was a crazy month for us but its finally coming to an end.
After three long weeks Mike finally came home from Georgia and we couldn't have been more happy to see him. Three days before Mike left my dad was hospitalized and remained there for over a week. During that time he had a defibrillator placed and is doing a bit better. We went to see them during Valentines Day and I know he enjoyed it just as much as the kids did.

Abby, Papa, Nevaeh, and Makala.
Gavin, Papa, Sammy, and Luke
Sammy and I started his Spring project. I'm doing one thing with each of the kids to get Spring started a bit early. We are re-doing his bike and he's excited. Future post to come about that. Here is helping me take it apart.
Sammy helping to take apart his bike
Abby is so excited for it to be warm outside again. That girl is such a skirt wearing tomboy. She takes after me and isn't afraid at all to get her hands dirty.
Luke is getting ready to celebrate his birthday soon and is really excited for his birthday. He also enjoy's tutoring and is making great progress in the areas where he struggles. I can't say enough good things about Republic schools. Those teachers bend over backwards to help out their kids.
Makala is doing her thing as well. She's working on her Science Fair project about global warming. Yesterday she had an ensemble at school for band. She was asked to fill in for someone who was gone as well so we got to see her preform twice. Once with two friends who play the flute and once with her friends who also play the clarinet. Both her teacher Mr. Altis and the judge recommended that she get a leather ligature for her clarinet so today Sammy and I bought her one. Can't wait to see what great things she does in band.
Mike and I are starting a few projects around the house. First we purchased a new garage door and all I can say is were getting old. We are so excited to have a working door again. We chose a steel insulated door that looks like wood. We are having really nice windows put on the top so we can have some natural light in the garage. Our big project that we are doing ourselves is the Master closet. Finally after almost three years we will have a closet that works for us. Next week on his day off we will start to frame it up. Initially we had planned to use the entire old laundry room for our closet but I really wanted a broom closet to store all my gadgets and cleaning supplies. Not to mention we will finally have somewhere to store extra toilet paper and paper towels upstairs. Score!
I love the fact that we finally have a place to call our own and we can decorate it however we want. Our next project after this will be solar tubes for the boys bathroom and staircase. Neither have windows and because of that the lights are ALWAYS being left on.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I decided to take a much needed break from the world of Facebook. Its been over a week and I can say I really don't miss it. I've gotten so much of the tedious things done around the house. Its a great feeling to know so much of my 'to do list' is getting accomplished. I did log on today to get a picture off of my timeline and decided to scroll through to see what was going on. I can say that there wasn't much going on except the same old thing and the same old drama. I can honestly say for the time being the only reason I will log on to Facebook is to start pulling my pictures off to save them to my computer.