Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well I'm no good at this....

I said I would keep up with this post and I didn't. Apparently my life is just a little more busy than I though. Here is a recap of everything.

We are currently 7 months into a year long deployment. Just a short 149 days to go till we can see Mike again. We chose not to do R&R because it was so hard on the kids when he left. He's keeping busy over there and we are always busy back here.

The kids have about six weeks of school left and then they can sleep in like they try to do every morning. I have to get a swing set for them to play on so they don't get to bored this Summer. With me having the day care we are limited to doing stuff on the weekends. We plan to make a fews trips to the zoo and to Animal Paradise for sure. Might even drag Mema & Papa along for the ride. :)

Mike and I are Mexico bound in September. After 12 long years of never doing anything together we are finally taking our very first vacation together with NO KIDS!!!! I'm not gonna lie, I'll miss them like crazy but after another year long deployment we very much need this.

Well that's all I can think of for now. I'll update later. Maybe. :)

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